Lunch With Mr. Bubble

Teri Finneman’s coverage of the Mr. Bubble 50th anniversary event is Bismarck today brought back a rush of memorials for me of Gold Seal Company founder Harold Schafer.  When long-time North Dakotans think of entrepreneurs, they think, almost invariably, of Harold Schafer.

Ginny and I were lucky enough have had lunch with Harold near his winter home in Naples, Florida, a few years before his death.  We laughed a lot.

When she was growing up in Bismarck, Ginny’s father  always told her he would give her a pink Cadallac for a wedding present when she got married, knowing full well pink Cadallacs weren’t made in those days.

Enter Harold Schafer, driving a pink Cadallac down 4th Street in Bismarck.  Every year Harold would order a new Caddy, painted in the special Glass Wax pink he also had specially made.  (Glass Wax is one of the other world-famous products made by the Gold Seal Company.)  Harold’s choice in car color put no small added pressure on Ginny’s dad.

Harold loved the story when Ginny told it that day in Florida.  Having grown up in Bismarck, Gin has a lot of stories about Harold and (wife) Sheila.  They’re good stories, too.

What the Schafers did for Mr. Bubble and Glass Wax they also did for Medora.  They made them world famous.

Harold was a master salesman and a master showman.  I admire both more than I can say.


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