Your Voice Your Vote 2012

ABC’s new logo and slogan for next year’s election coverage.

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  1. m. brewster

    Right now I believe that America is dying! Thanks to the bush administration with a republican congress shafting the people and now stonewalling any form of progress in fixing the problem.For the first time in my life I’m ashamed to call myself an American It’s time for Americans in general to tell Congress to quit screwing around and fix the problem or resign their posts for someone who actually cares about the people!!!

  2. Briam K

    None of these candidates addressed the question of what they may have had to give up during a personal hardship. Did they not understand the question or have they never had to suffer any of the hardships the American people are enduring on a daily basis?

  3. g.g.

    08/29/12 It is bad when the country is falling apart and we are to vote for people that are spending millions on ads. that accuse and discredit each other for personal gain . When knowing that out of the last 6 presidents said they would do this and that to help the little and middle man . Just to find out that when they get in office none of what they said was going to happen .
    We have more people living on streets and in sewer systems . Some with out electric and hardly any food , not by choice . Losing their homes , cars and families cause of the banks (controlled by big brother).
    It must be nice to have control over a country . Go on vacation without having to pay for it out of your own pocket . Give your self a raise when you can sneak it in . Get money for projects that you have partners with . Spend millions on talking about oil and how to get more . If they could just get there thumbs out and quite wasting money on talking and finding more oil . Which makes other countries richer , just start using a different resource . It would be a start . So, much time has been wasted (15 to 20 yrs. . They knew this was going to happen)they should already know how to fix the problem . It is just not in their interest to cut out a large amount of money coming in from the oil . It scares them to think they may have to live with less money(several people killed them selves after finding out when stocks dropped down) . They couldn’t deal with the idea not being able to live life like they normally had .
    I’m going to stop for now. I can go on all day long and then some. It is just bad news when people can see what is going on . With our days crammed full of work and more work . That we are not suppose to notice what is wrong with the country and can see it with our eyes closed . ( stupid us ).
    Just a very little from g.g.’s mind. ( which isn’t much)

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