The Football Star, The Supermodel And The Senator

Why is it that the weeks of summer fly by at breakneck speed and those in the dead of winter drag on and on?  Anyway, we had another good round of guests this week on WDAZ News @5.

Tuesday former NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice was with us.  He talked some football and about what he said was his “biggest challenge,” his appearance on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.  He made it to the finals of season two of the show, coming in second place.   Jerry seems way, way too nice have been a football player, much less great one.  Jerry encouraged viewers to donate blood by going to

Wednesday I had my first conversation  with a supermodel.  Not just a model, mind you, but an honest-to-goodess supermodel–Carolyn Murphy.  She’s very nice, too.  But speaking for the boys in the studio at the time, we all wished were had been wearing something a little more like what she wore on one of the two Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers she’s been on.  She told us about a new project called to encourage people to buy more American made products.

Finally, we’re always glad to see Senator Kent Conrad, even on this Wednesday when we learned that the U.S. Governemnent had hit $1 trillion in debt for the third year in a row.  The senators no worse for wear having been in the thick of Washington’s budget battles this summer.  He was in town, in part, help with the dedication of the Byron L. Dorgan Airport Terminal in Grand Forks.  He said the two have been friends for more than forty years.  I forgot to ask about his dog Dakota.   Dang it!

The only thing missing from WDAZ News @5 this week Greg Rixen.  Aparrently, Greg was taking care of “other duties as assigned” at Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop in Grand Forks.  He’ll be back with us next week with more wine, beer, spirits and food pairings to share with us. If you’re really missin’ Rixen, you can check out his blog on AreaVoices.