The Week That Was

Had a good time on WDAZ News @5 this week talking with a Bachelorette, the Toy Guy and the Wiggles, not to mention Greg Rixen of Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop.

Ali Fedotowsky, who was the Bachelorette of Season 6 of the ABC show last year, told us what it was like to be… a bachelorette. (She talks real fast. And she’s really purdy.)
Ali says her experience on the show was like a roller coaster ride but worth it because she found the love of her life.  (Sigh.)

Chris Bryne, a.k.a. the Toy Guy from Time to Play Magazine, is back with us this evening with a collection of new toys for us kids, my favorite of which is Kachooz. Kachooz are little “creatures you should meet so fuzzy, silly, small, you’ll want to have them all.”  They spin on the eraser end of pencils, frizzing their hair.

The Wiggles performed at the Ralph Engelstad Arena in Grand Forks this week. It was the first appearance for the Australians ever in North or South Dakota. They couldn’t have been more charming or any nicer. They even gave us a chorus or two of Rolf Harris’ “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport” compete with an Australian didgeredoo, no less.  60 Minutes Australia is following them on their current tour, doing a story to air in their country this fall, I suppose.

Greg told us about his Brewery of the Month, Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado.  Good stuff.  You can check it out on his Grapes and Grains blog on Area Voices.

Next week on News @5 we’ll talk with NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice as well as Senator Kent Conrad. And who knows who else?