BBQ Heaven

Had the amazing good luck of being invited to a killer barbeque at an undisclosed location near Thompson, North Dakota, yesterday. To begin with, I’m very fond of Thompson because Ginny and I lived on a farm near there during the flood of ’97. Maybe you’ve heard about the flood of ’97. It was in all the papers.

Anyway, about the barbecue. It’s a sort of annual thing a group of rural neighbors do each summer.

Much of the food was prepared by my new best friend Randy Appelgren. Actually, Randy and I have known each other for ages. It turns out he is the new president of the Minnesota Barbeque Society, no less. (The society’s slogan is “Land of 10,000 Pits.”)

What started out as a hobby has turned into a busy catering business for Randy in the Twin Cities area. Remind me to invite him to be on News @5 one of these days. We enjoy grilling segments on News @5. So does the crew.

Randy made eighteen racks of ribs. Count ’em, eighteen! Plus some dynamite pulled pork sort of thing. Only it wasn’t pork. It was chicken. And the chicken wasn’t so much “pulled” as “cut.” I digress.

On top of all of Randy’s barbeque, neighbors brought tons of salads and desserts. It was something, take my word. Like a Lutheran church basement potluck — only with beer!

Thanks to Nate, Michele, Dawn, Ralph and Randy. It was much, much fun.

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  1. Mark Applegren

    Sue & I enjoyed seeing you and your mom at our anual family picnic. Sorry Ginny couldn’t make it. We hope more of the Applegren family and friends can make it next year. We don’t want to wait till funerals to see each other any more. Hope to see next year

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