Volunteers Needed At Minot Pet Shelter

From the North Dakota Department of Agriculture:

BISMARCK, North Dakota’s top animal health officials are appealing for more volunteers to help maintain operations at the emergency pet shelter in Minot.

Volunteers are needed to walk, feed and care for more than 400 pets, said Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring, who visited the shelter Wednesday. If you can spare a couple of hours every few days, the shelter will have plenty for you to do. There are times during the day when not just enough people to handle the necessary chores.

Goehring said volunteers are especially needed at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The SourisValley Animal Shelter in Minot with the help of local veterinarians and dozens of volunteers from Minot and elsewhere, has done an outstanding job of caring for hundreds of displaced pets, said Dr. Susan Keller, state veterinarian. In addition, numerous individuals and companies, most notably PetSmart, have contributed thousands of dollars in cash, food and supplies to house and feed these animals whose owners have had to leave theirhomes.

Goehring said the need for the shelter will continue for some time.

It will be weeks, even months, before many owners will be able to return and live in their homes, he said.

Goehring said the shelter effort represents North Dakota at its best.

People in Minot and throughout the Souris River Valley are pulling together in many ways to recover from this terrible flood, he said.  The outpouring for an emergency shelter for helpless animals says a lot about our state.

The shelter is located at North Dakota State University’s North Central Research Extension Center, one mile south of Minot on U.S. Highway 83. As of Wednesday, the shelter held about 250 cats, 150 dogs and a few other animals, including guinea pigs, rabbits, birds and an iguana.

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  1. James kelly

    My family just moved out here and would like to volunteer at a pet shelter. who do I contact to get this started? Thanks

  2. James… Not sure which city you’re in. If it’s Grand Forks, you could call the Circle of Friends Humane Society. In Minot, SourisValley Animal Shelter.

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