Dullum File: Good Guy Of The Week

By every single account I’ve ever heard, actor Josh Duhamel is one of the nicest people in show business.  Certainly he proved that in the past twenty-four hours or so by his support of his hometown Minot.

Not only did he give an impassioned plea on Entertainment Tonight for the country to pay attention to what’s happening in Minot, but he also phoned in to KXMC-TV to show his support.

So, we are intiating something new, the first-ever Dullum File Good Guy of the Week Award.  It goes to Josh Duhamel.

By the way, don’t expect a Good Guy award every week.  I’m not sure there are that many good guys.  But, we’ll see.

Note to North Dakota officeholders:  There is a real award called the North Dakota Roughrider Award.  It goes to North Dakotans who have brought attention to their home state.  I say that if for no other reason than what he’s done for his hometown this week alone, he is deserving of it. (Also, his wife is real purdy.)