Had a very nice time yesterday afternoon talking with Ireland’s Daniel O’Donnell. Even after a long, long bus ride from Regina to Grand Forks, he and his company seemed relaxed and friendly.  He is, in my opinion, one of the good guys in the music business.
Many of his musicians have been with him for twenty-five years. That, I bet, says tons about him.

On the air, we talked about his upcoming PBS Television special “Daniel O’Donnell: Live From Nashville” in August and his new album “Moon Over Ireland.”

Off the air, he told me he’s planning to take next year off from touring. Except, that is, for five weeks in Branson and what’s become a regular gig at Minot’s Hostfest.  Branson and Minot are lucky.

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  1. Pat Grubb

    Just love Daniel & would like the lyrics to Walk through life with me which is on his Nashville tour..perfect for my brother’& sister-in-law’s 50th ,Where could I find the lyrics?Thank you very much in advance if you answer this.

  2. Pat Grubb

    Loved his Nashville show on PBS & would like the lyrics for Walk through life with me please.

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