The Night Elizabeth Taylor Spit On Me

The Night Elizabeth Taylor Spit on Me

The following was originally posted here April 11, 2010.  With the death of Dame Taylor, we’re re-posting it.  Incidentally, the report of her ninth engagement turned out to be false.

God bless Elizabeth Taylor.  She’s engaged to be married for the ninth time.  (That includes both marriages to Richard Burton.)  According to news sources, Dame Taylor, 78, is engaged to Jason Winters, 49.

Ginny and I saw Liz in London in “The Little Foxes.”  This would have been about 1981. I remember the British ticket agent we were dealing with wouldn’t sell us tickets because he’d heard it was so bad.  We ended up going to the theater directly and buying tickets at the box office.  We got center aisle seats near the front for that evening.  (Someone had canceled.)

Miss Taylor looked great and was pretty good in it, actually.  I had the distinct feeling she was playing directly to me that night.  At one point in the show, Liz came downstage and–in projecting as stage actors do–a tiny bit of Elizabeth Taylor spittle landed on my (right) arm.  During her curtain calls Miss Taylor made direct eye contact with me numerous times.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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