Charlie Sheen On 20/20

Below is an ABC News release regarding a special edition of “20/20” Tuesday with Charlie Sheen: Charlie Sheen talks with ABC News’ Andrea Canning on a special one-hour edition of “20/20” to air Tuesday, March 1 at 9 p.m. Central. Canning questions Sheen on his controversial remarks and his public feud with the CBS comedy’s…
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Oscars Rundown

Want to know what’s going to happen when James Franco and Anne Hathaway host the Oscars? MTV claims to have a rundown of the Academy Awards show.

Olive Logan

I’ve always been interested in people who are famous for being famous, never more than now what with the rise of reality television.  People like the Kardashians and the Jersey Shore crowd who show no outward signs of having the least bit of talent, but whose names and faces we know better than the members…
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Spoon River

You can see Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology February 22 – 26, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Burtness Lab Theatre on the University of North Dakota campus in Grand Forks. Spoon River is a dramatic adaptation of Edgar Lee Masters’ 1915 anthology of poems about life in the fictional small town of Spoon…
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The Doctors

Had a wonderful time taking part in a discussion with sixty-two (or so) second year medical students at the UND School of Medicine this morning. I was pretty much the only one in the room who didn’t have a medical degree or who isn’t working on one. Here’s why we were all there. It’s called…
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