Dane Cook

It was disappointing but not surprising that Dane Cook declined our invitation to be on News @5 last week.   It wasn’t that he declined our invitation so much as his publicist ignored it–three different times.

Dane Cook is one of the very biggest names in stand-up comedy today and he simply doesn’t need to do local television, at least not local television that isn’t in a major market.

Actually, Mr. Cook did appear live with us in the studio on News @5 when he brought his Tourgasm show to the Fritz in 2005.  But that was five years and several starring movie roles ago.

Shooting a video documenting the tour, his entourage that day included three other comedians, two video camera operators, two sound guys, a producer and one or two other hangers-on.  With our regular studio crew, the room was very crowded.

Dane Cook joins a long list of celebrity entertainers who have rejected our interview requests.   They include–to name just a few–Jerry Seinfeld, Johnny Cash, Wayne Newton, Tom Jones and Donny Osmond.  (I know, Donny Osmond!)

Nonetheless, we’ve had some good luck “landing” celebrities to talk with on News @5 lately.  Just this month we’ve chatted with a Desperate Housewife, a Motown legend and one of the biggest television stars of the 70’s and 80’s, albeit via satellite.

So, we’ll keep requesting celebrity interviews and the celebrities will continue to reject us.  Actually, I’m more surprised when they don’t.  We don’t take it personally.