Interviewing Earl

Thanks to Congressman Earl Pomeroy for joining us on WDAZ News @5 yesterday.  It was his first broadcast interview since the election.  Actually, I was surprised that he agreed to do the interview Wednesday in a phone call I was not looking forward to making to him just hours after he lost the election to Rick Berg.

I thought he showed incredible restrain in not walking off the set yesterday when I asked the first question, “So, how was your week?”  (The questions were slightly less flip after that.)  Actually, all of the the members of North Dakota’s Congressional delegation have good senses of humor.  In one of his books, Barack Obama calls Kent Conrad the funniest man in the Senate.

Congressman Pomeroy seems to understand completely that the voters have spoken and change was in the air this year.

He also seems more concerned about helping his 18 staff members in Washington, Fargo and Bismarck find new jobs than he is about his own immediate future.

If it were me, I could have thought of several dozen other places I would rather be than in a television studio at 5 pm on a Friday after the election.  But that’s why he’s Earl Pomeroy (and I’m me).  I like him and I’ve talked with several journalists this week who said the exact same thing.