Have just gotten word that UND’s Great Conversation with Sam Anderson will be broadcast next week on Channel 3 on Grand Forks cable Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (November 1 – 3) at 9 pm.  So, take a look.

Now And Then

Just got to listen to an advance copy of the new album “Smokey Robinson:  Now and Then.” It’s killer. The Now part is a half dozen studio recordings, all but one of them written by “William Robinson” and a truly gorgeous cover of Nora Jones’ “Don’t Know Why.”  The Then part is another half dozen…
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Erik Estrada

Just found our we’re going to be talking with actor Erik Estrada on WDAZ News @5 in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.


It’s one of the best times I’ve ever had–sitting up, anyway.   Moderating the University of North Dakota’s “Great Conversation with Sam Anderson” last night was a treat. In addition to being the fine, versatile actor he is (“Lost,” “Forrest Gump” etc.), Sam is also a true raconteur.  We heard a bunch of his Hollywood…
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The Dawgz

Thanks to Big Dawgz Bill Tanner and Pat Mars for allowing me to talk about UND’s Great Conversation with Sam Anderson on their enormously popular, hugely rated, impeccably produced radio program this morning.  (You never know when you might want to be on again.) One thing I wanted to say this morning, but didn’t.  Tanner…
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