Had a great time in Warren today speaking to the annual banquet of Lutheran Social Services Senior Nutrition Project Council.   The world would stop turning if it weren’t for volunteers, I swear.

Among those on the “bill” today were Senator LeRoy Stumpf and Representative Bernie Lieder.  I didn’t realize until today that Bernie is the last World War II veteran still serving in the Minnesota State Legislature.  Talk about service on top of service.

I also had a nice conversation with the father of KFAN radio’s The Common Man AND one of my favorite comedians Alex Cole.  He’s also the father of a twin cities television producer.  Wonder what those family gettogethers are like?

The turkey and dressing was good, too.  Really good.  All and all, a very nice time.  I didn’t even mind dodging the beet trucks on the way.

Thanks to Monica and Dayle for the invitation.  It was a blast!