The Final File

After fifteen years and 799 episodes (by actual count) the Dullum File that aired on WDAZ News @6 last Friday will be the last. I want you to know this decision was not mine.

Thanks to everybody who watched and then commented, wrote, e-mailed, phoned or talked to me about them over the years. With the exception of our 1997 flood coverage, nothing I’ve done on television in nearly 40 years as a reporter has given me more satisfaction.

About Terry Dullum

Terry Dullum is a North Dakota native and a graduate of the University of North Dakota. Currently, he is the anchor and producer of WDAZ News @5. He is also a popular speaker throughout the region.
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36 Responses to The Final File

  1. StormChaser says:

    Wow. Who’s the brainiac that decided to end it? That just sucks :(

  2. Ralph Swendseid says:

    Say it ain’t so, Joe…

  3. KeenieK says:

    They couldn’t, at least, let you do the 800th?? That’s just cruel………………………

  4. Joan Ricke says:

    When I heard about the latest cuts, I was wondering if one of them was you. It’s unfortunate. ForumComm did the same to my sister, after 15 years of hard work and loyalty, and making money for her department, they let her go. Not only that, but they did it mid-afternoon, and made her pack up her stuff escorted her out in front of everyone she worked with. Needless to say, my subsciption is cancelled, and I will no longer advertise with them.

  5. Stephanie Goetz says:


    We will miss all your weekly witty Dullim Files. They were truly a breath of , hilarious, fresh air! My personal favorite: the hunt for the elusive Jackelope. Classic. And of course the funniest comedian this side of the Mississippi has seen. The files, your dedication & hard work that went into each episode will never be forgotten!

  6. $hit happens when you have a TWENTYSOMETHING news director. Have you been dismissed from the ‘DAZ team entirely? Age discrimination perhaps?

  7. Chuck Bush says:

    One more reason to look switch back to 11.
    Your segment will be missed Terry.

  8. Janet Smith says:

    As a former Grandforksian (is there such a word?) and an occasional guest on your regular newscast, that is just plain WRONG! I’m betting that if Mike Brue was still there you’d go on for years yet. As someone else commented, surely they aren’t giving you walking papers for the regular news too.

  9. Raymond Simon says:

    Sorry Terry, looked forward to each episode. Will be changing servicers for TV in a week or so and will be leaving WDAZ in the dust. Good LUCK on your future endeavors.

  10. Terry Dullum says:

    Janet…. No, I’ll still be doing News @5.

  11. Joel Horne says:

    Terry, I regret greatly this decision. Clearly, you’re the only one at the station that has command of the English language (not to mention real humor!)

  12. Chuck says:

    I have looked forward to your Friday segments for years. Why anyone would cancel that is beyond me. I guess to make more time for “More cold this weekend.” “Guess we’ll just have to take it.” and other such mindless chatter.

  13. H says:

    Outrage! The biggest draw for WDAZ news because of its originality, humor, and wit. The news will be just like the other channels now? We Love the Dullum Files!

  14. Heidi says:

    My family enjoyed the Dullum Files over the years. We will miss it! :(

  15. Jane says:

    I am so disappointed in hearing this. Your Dullum Files were a welcome relief to all the depressing news of the real world. Your wit and antics will be greatly missed on Friday nights when we need a lift. I vote for a return.

  16. Brenda Jo Gillund says:

    To quote my favorite ABC evening show:
    “Seriously? Seriously. Seriously?????”
    Do you have all 799 on file? Perhaps turn them into a “Greatest Hits” compilation for all us loyal viewers?

  17. egf 1 says:

    You should continue with online video blogs….one of the few original and well produced items from Wdaz is now gone….maybe Valley News Live could add a “video columnist” and journalist to their staff

  18. Teri says:

    You were so enjoyed over the years! You are a real people person and will miss seeing all the great stories you shared!

  19. redarmy says:


    You are a class act and you will do the 5:00 news with the professionalism that some of the others working a DAZ. I h.ope the young reporters learn from you.

  20. Erin OConnor says:

    Terry, wonderful Terry,
    I am absolutely shocked by the news. You are one of the classiest, FUNNIEST, kindest and most naturally talented people I have ever known. You will always have the Top Spot in The Zany Files. Greener pastures, my friend.
    Lots of Love,

    Erin (AKA Mrs. Bob Zany)

  21. Terry Dullum says:

    Erin…. Thanks a million.

  22. anonymous says:

    This is shocking and ridiculous! The Dullum File was one of the most popular segments in our area and gave a end humorous end to the week’s sometimes negative, depressing news. It was always a good way to welcome in the weekend. Hopefully, someone at Forum Communications will wake up to this fact and will save the Dullum File.

  23. Doug says:

    Terry, it’s a pleasure to read good things about a pro who made a lasting impression on his audience!

  24. Brian Whalen says:


    We were stationed at Grand Forks, Air Force Base in the early 80’s and one of my best memories was watching “The Dullum Files” on WDAZ.

    I am sorry to hear they have ended.

  25. Eric Johnson says:

    Terry, this is one of the finest local features I’ve seen anywhere. I’m sorry to see this go.

  26. C-J Johnson says:

    Hi Terry…
    I have enjoyed guesting with you from time to tome on DAZ.
    I am sorry to hear the “File” is being filed.
    We who have survived the broadcast world for decades (sometimes it seems more like eons) are well aware of happenings such as this.
    They are not necessarily right, or fair or even rational.
    They just are.

    I’m sorry to hear the news. the WDAZ audience will be much the “lessor”.


  27. Pat Mars says:

    ::Truely a sad decision. Hopefully one that can be reconsidered.

  28. Pat Mars says:

    ::Truely a sad decision. Hopefully one that can be reconsidered

  29. Pat Berger says:

    I would like to think that the station might reconsider, especially after seeing all of these comments! Your Friday “file” was something I always looked forward too and distinguished DAZ from the other “local news ” station. Now, well that is gone so, for local news I guess I will just watch whatever my TV was last tuned too … not much difference anymore especially on Fridays!

  30. Pat Berger says:

    I would like to think that the station might reconsider, especially after seeing all of these comments! Your Friday “file” was something I always looked forward too and distinguished DAZ from the other “local news ” station. Now, well that is gone so, for local news I guess I will just watch whatever my TV was last tuned too … not much difference anymore especially on Fridays!

  31. Mike Pokrzywinski says:

    Hey Forum-Comm, pull your heads out… of your consultant’s report and understand who your audience is. Stop dumbing your product. Terry’s work just sails right over your corporate heads.

    You are a class act Terry.

  32. Rene Freels says:

    I know that the influences of your stories will live on. You will continue to make people laugh and think. You will proceed with any dream you have, or go wherever your imagination takes you. You have a strong voice, and that will never change!

  33. Gail Hand says:

    Terry, although you always maintained that “imitation is the sincerest form of television,” you have consistently failed at imitating anybody.
    No offense, but your contributions are the smartest, most original and most professional at WDAZ.
    The biggest selling point for mass media now is original work that speaks to place, to community. That is what you deliver. If this was a business decision, it was wrong-headed. If it wasn’t a business decision–what was it? Gail Stewart Hand

  34. truth harvestor says:

    I am a ” the buck stops here’ guy and often when I see something outrageously stupid happen in today’s society , I first want to know from whose desk did that decision originate . To the chorus of Dullum File fans , I think we deserve a focal point for our indignation. “Somebody” decided that this oasis of wit and gentle brilliant humor was no longer valid in today’s ‘journalism’! Who was it? Who thought that killing Terry’s little gem would actually increase their ratings? I hope his/her’s tenure in the business is very short lived!

  35. Carol J says:

    Terry – I was in AZ for a vacation and my first Friday back, the end of the news came and went without “The Dullum File” and my reaction was WFH – where’s Terry! Canceling this spot rates right up there with the bright idea that Fargo and GF can share the weekend news shows – maybe even lower since your show was one of the few fresh, original things found on-air. Just the sort of decision I expect from Forum Communications and the reason I seldom watched WDAY in the years I lived in Fargo. You are sorely missed.

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