The Producers

Couldn’t make it to media night for the Crimson Creek Players’ production of The Producers, but I just know it will be killer.  You guys have never, ever let me down.  I’ll catch up with you later.

I saw The Producers at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood a few years ago with Martin Short.  Jason Alexander had a sore throat that evening and could not sing.  However, he did welcome the audience and explain his absense from the show, thus avoiding a stampede to the box office for refunds. 

Since then, The Producers has been my favorite Broadway show–of all time!  Max’s line from early in the first act, "Who do you have to f*#k around hear to get ahead?" has become my favorite line from any Broadway musical.  Those looking for political correctness from The Producers should look elsewhere.

The Producers opens tomorrow night at the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks.  Have a great run, Crimson.  

Members of the cast will be with us tomorrow on WDAZ News @5.  You should really watch.