Power Outage

Got a call from Joe Adams of Northwood yesterday.  He thought we’d be interested in knowing there was a power outage in Northwood on Thursday.  No big deal, really, except that it happened just seconds into our television interview with Jeff Wills of Siemens Industry on News @5 Thursday.  Mr. Wills was talking with us about what some people consider to be America’s dangerously outdated power grid and how so-called "smart" grids could help reduce blackouts and brownouts around the country.  Just as our interview was ending, the power was back in Northwood. The irony did not escape Joe.  

Speaking of Northwood, several of us from the station will be there for Northwood’s 125th +1 Celebration later this month.  You should "Make A Date With Channel 8" and join us Saturday, July 24.  For a complete schedule of events you can go to www.discovernorthwood.com.