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Here is some information about Organic Wine as discussed by Greg Rixen of Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop this evening on WDAZ News @5:


Organic Wine vs. Wine made with Organic Grapes

There are a lot of questions about Organic wines. Most of the questions are in regards to sulfites, which are a preservative added to wine. Many people have found they are allergic or have a reaction to these sulfites, usually in the form of a headache, or a flush/hot face.

Organic Wines and Organic Grapes are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or any other manmade chemicals. The use only natural fertilizers and use different plants and insects to ward off pests. Winemakers feel this method of growing helps reflect the grapes and lands natural flavors and qualities. Biodynamic farming is also a type of organic farming.

But the big difference between Organic Wine and Wine made with Organic Grapes is the addition of sulfites. If a wine is labeled “Organic” the winemaker cannot add sulfites to the wine! If the wine is only labeled “made with Organic Grapes” the winemaker can add sulfites to the wine. Organic wines are hard to find, and have a very short life. Without the sulfites to preserve the wines, the wine begins to oxidize. There are some naturally occurring sulfites in grapes, but not enough to extend the life of the wine once it is bottled.

There are many wines available that are made with organic grapes! The benefit is that you know no chemicals were used in the farming of the grapes. If you are interested in trying a few, here are a couple recommendations:

Green Truck Petite Sirah
Winemaker’s Comments: “Lush flavors of cassis, dark cherries & plums with a hint of pepper, and brown spices add just the right horsepower.” Charlie Tsegeletos, Winemaker

Green Truck Sauvignon Blanc
Winemaker’s Comments: “Citrus fruit aromas with crisp flavors of lemon peel, grapefruit and orange blossom.” Charlie Tsegeletos, Winemaker

Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon                                                                                                                 Winemaker’s Comments: Aged in French and American oak, the wine offers hints of pepper, cedar and fragrant vanilla spice to complement a lush and fruit-centered

Bonterra Chardonnay
Winemaker’s Comments: A hint of oak complements the freshness of fruit and the evident notes of green apple, pear and citrus. Our wine is aged for several months to develop a rich, creamy texture that gracefully balances its fruit-forward character.

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  1. Angela :)

    If you cracked the bottle open, tell me about it tomorrow. As someone who HAS fallen victim to a ‘wine headache’ before, I’ll be curious about the taste of organic wines.

    Enjoying a nice glass of Reisling right now…

    Angela šŸ™‚

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