Celebrity Meltdown Of The Year 2009

Each year for the past several years, we’ve been celebrating the flip side of fame on the Dullum File on television with our Dullum File Celebrity Meltdown of the Year Award.  It goes to the celebrity who has messed up most spectacularly in the year about to end.

Since, because of holiday scheduling, there is no WDAZ News @6  program Friday when the Dullum File normally airs, we’ll be doing something a little different this year.  We’re going to award the Meltdown medal right here, right now.  So boys and girls, here we go!

Congressman Joe Wilson

Although not really a celebrity at all, South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson gets a special Meltdown "mention" this year for his shear audacity.  He’s the one who yelled "you lie" at President Obama as he was delivering a nationally-televised speech to Congress, no less.  Whatever happened to civility?

David Letterman

In October, David Letterman admitted he’d had sex with women on his staff.  A news producer at his own network was arrested for trying to extort $2 million from the talk show host.  None of this is really a meltdown. But to borrow Mr. Letterman’s own description, it’s all very "creepy."

Kanye West

Then there is the "boorish" Kanye West as New York Times columnist Frank Rich calls him, for stealing Taylor Swift’s "moment" at the MTV Video Music Awards in September.  To quote the President of the United States, "What a jackass."  Swift seems not to have been hurt by the incident, professionally anyway. Later in the year, she was nominated for ten Grammy Awards.  She also sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City in one minute flat!  Meanwhile, Kanye’s latest CD failed to win a single major Grammy nomination and the rapper cancelled his latest tour, taking the remainder of 2009 off.  Rest in peace, Kanye.


Charlie Sheen

A late entry this year might be actor Charlie Sheen who may or may not have held a knife to his wife’s neck on Christmas morning at their rented vacation home in Aspen.  According to her, Charlie threatening to kill her. There had been reports she recanted her story, but the jury is still out, so to speak.


Tiger Woods

Finally, we almost need a new Celebrity Meltdown of the Year catagory for Tiger Woods.  What began as your basic Billy Joel-type celebrity-hits-tree moment in November, has morphed into a spectacular meltdown.  Perhaps the loftiest celebrity fall yet, from squeaky clean to sleaze-ball in a matter of days.  At first especially, he almost seemed to be saying some sort of special privacy clause applied to him.  Later, a little more contrite, he said he is quitting golf indefinitely to try to fix his mistress-filled personal life.  So, our Dullum File Celebrity Meltdown of the Year Award for 2009 could hardly go to anyone but the amazing Tiger Woods.  Way to go, Tiger.