My Prostate & Me

So, there I was, going about my business, happy as could be, when my current wife Ginny says, "I think you should have a physical.  It’s been a couple of years."  Like any other red-blooded American male I said, "No."   Part of my  "blood work" showed a slightly elevated reading.  My usually laid-back family doctor,…
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Symphony Stuff

We’ve got a couple of dates for you to add to your calendar.  The Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra has two big events coming up next month.  You can read about them and buy your tickets for them here.

Just The Facts

Soupy Sales

  Soupy Sales 1926 – 2009  

US Food Service

 Had a lot of fun being with the US Food Service folks in Fargo last night.  They like to laugh and–I don’t why–they eat very well, too.  Thanks to Andrea Snortland and the entire crew.  It was a blast.