Hair Today

The Crimson Creek Players production of "Hair" opens tonight at the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks.  It runs through Saturday and then August 11 – 15.

There was a preview for media last night.  I have the daisy at home to prove it.

This version of "Hair" is done with great sincerity (thank goodness) and enthusiasm.  It’s good to hear those songs again.

"Hair" has the longest disclaimer I’ve seen for awhile–maybe ever.  To quote from the media night program:  "Warning:  This production contains material that is not appropriate for immature audiences or those easily offended, including drug use, rear nudity, foul language, the use of smoking, smoke effects, racial slurs, references to alternative sexual activities and lifestyles, a full-blown acid trip and lyrics and actions that may seem anti-American, anti-Religion, and anti-Establishment."

That about covers it, except I would have added, "Some people may be offended by tie-dyed clothing."

Dont’ miss the great photos of the cast outside the theater taken by Reeves Media and Photography.