Susan Loses

The New York Times reports this morning that Susan Boyle has come in second to a dance group called Diversity in the "Britain’s Got Talent" competition.  Somehow, I think she’ll be ok.

What’s Yours?

Luke Patrick Conroy

Congratulations to former WDAZ anchor and reporter Lori (Cowan) and Shane Conroy on the birth of Luke Patrick on May 23.  Lori graduated from UND law school a few days ago and starts a new job in Fargo soon.  Otherwise, nothing new for the Conroys, I guess.

Susan Boyle Does It Again

Wedding Pictures

Guess what?  WDAZ anchor and reporter Casey Wonnenberg got married last night!  We’ve got the photos to prove it. Casey married David King in Gregory, South Dakota.  Casey is from nearby Dallas, South Dakota.  David is a UND aviation student from Seattle.  Congratulations, Casey & David.