Camp Cooley

Reading Chuck Haga’s excellent piece on Kathy and John Fick’s water fight today in the Herald brought back a flood of memories (pun intended, I guess).  Ginny and I and a bunch of others descended on Bev and Marv Cooley’s rural Thompson home shortly after the 1997 flood evacuation of Greater Grand Forks, "camping out" there for days and weeks.  We called it Camp Cooley. I think a couple of dozen people stayed there, off and on.

Our mini-"refugee" camp had it all–something like a half dozen mobile homes and a couple of porta-potties.  When we weren’t eating the Couleys’ food, we were drinking their beer. We had meals together and then went "home" to our trailers. Ginny and I even celebrated a wedding anniversary there with the gang with barbecued shrimp and carrot cake provided by the Red Cross.  You can never thank people like the Cooleys enough for something like that.

Kathy and John were part of Camp Cooley for a time. I remember the Ficks as being funny, fun and calm.  Kathy, a minister, spent hours working the phones trying to round up her "flock" during the evacuation.  We’re so glad they’re ok this year.