Fostering Pets

We  learned in 1997 that leaving pets behind during a flood evacuation is not the right thing to do.  Arlette Moen from the Circle of Friends Humane Society is Grand Forks is going to be with us on WDAZ News @5 to talk about providing "foster" homes for evacuated pets.

In the meantime, here’s a news release from the Circle of Friends:

The Circle of Friends Humane Society is available to accept pets displaced by the flood should pet owners need to evacuate. We will coordinate temporary shelter in other locations should our space become limited. We will continue to accept every stray pet brought to the shelter as we always have. Please call 701-775-3732.

The Circle of Friends Humane Society will do everything possible to assist with pet sheltering in a flood emergency. We will make available to the public for emergency purposes the pet supplies we have at the shelter. If more supplies are needed, pet suppliers will be contacted.

In the event of a flood evacuation, pet owners should be encouraged to take their pets with them rather then leaving them behind to be picked up later. We strongly recommend that there be city shelters available to accommodate pet owners and their pets, thereby allowing pets to remain with their owners. Those pet owners capable of utilizing boarding facilities, out-of-town family or friends, or other options should be encouraged to do so.

A list of temporary foster homes is being complied to accommodate shelter pets as well as those from the community. Foster homes should be located well away from any possible flooding. We are also asking for donations of large dog pet carriers, blankets, towels, wash cloths and cleaning buckets for immediate needs. Volunteers may be needed to assist with pet care as the number of pets received increases.

Anyone interested in offering pet fostering services, donations of pet supplies or volunteering should call the Circle of Friends Humane Society, 775-3732. Check out our website at to follow our progress and to sign up as foster homes.

Wag-N-Train is also working with us to shelter dogs, 701-746-9331.