The Fight Continues

Grand Forks Public Schools will be releasing high school students with parent permission to volunteer in the sandbagging effort in Fargo-Moorhead. Today at 2:00 p.m., two bus loads of students and adult staff will depart from Central High School and Red River High School. Tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. a total of 10 busses and 2 vans are planned to leave from Central High School, Red River High School, and Community High School. One-half of the volunteers will be sent to Fargo and one-half will be sent to Moorhead. District officials estimate approximately 480 students and 30-40 staff will be involved in the volunteer effort.

According to District Superintendent, Dr. Larry P. Nybladh, “The Grand Forks community has very vivid memories from the 1997 flood experience and, therefore, extreme empathy for the flood threat our friends and neighbors in Fargo-Moorhead are facing.” Nybladh states, “Our people—both students and adults—want to put their hands to work on behalf of their hearts.”

Nybladh stated that Grand Forks Public Schools has also offered their staff to assist the Fargo-Moorhead schools in scenario planning for flood protection and response. Additionally, the Superintendent released equipment (i.e. pumps, etc.) and maintenance staff from Grand Forks to the Fargo-Moorhead schools today. Nybladh indicates that the District’s principals are organizing a student and staff fundraising effort to provide financial contributions to the flood relief effort. 

3 Responses

  1. Credit where credit is due

    Add “loyalty” and “integrity” to the characteristics of Supt. Nybladh. We’ve already seen examples of his wisdom and leadership qualities. Hats off to him in his momentum in deciding to share manpower and machines with our neighbors to the south!

  2. Terry Dullum

    I’ve never been prouder of the students and others of Greater Grand Forks who have responded to Fargo in the past few days.

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