With apologies to all of our other News @5 guests lately, my favorite in a long time has got to be 1st grader Austin Clausen who was with us Thursday to talk about the ArtWise Elementary Art Show at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks next week. 

Austin is six (or something) going on twenty-six.  He is exactly what we’re looking for in a good guest.  He is smart, funny, quick and, above all, enthusiastic. 

He’s artistic, too.  He brought along a piece of art he created to show us.  If I understand correctly, it’s a sort of a dinosaur.  

Austin is curious and can speak on a wide variety of subjects.  In fact, I would like to have him on everyday–as my co-anchor.  I’d even pay him out of my own pocket.  

Artwise is a wonderful organization.  One of it’s goals is to keep art education alive in area schools. 

I’ve watched the Artwise Elementary Art Show grow into a huge event in Grand Forks over the years.  This year’s show run from March 24 – 26 at the Alerus Center from 4 until 8 pm each evening.