On The Red Carpet

Had a great time hosting the Empire Art Center’s very first Red Carpet Celebration last night.  Thanks to everybody who got all dressed up, flossed their teeth and everything, to watch the Oscars on the Empire’s big screen with us.

We had wonderful food from Sanders and the Toasted Frog, wine from Happy Harry’s and desserts from the Canad Inns, and some people walked away with great prizes including gift certifications from Heelz, Avant and copies of Robert Osborne’s 80 Years of Oscar.  The winner of our Oscar predictions contest, Lara Anderson, went home with a beautiful topaz and diamond necklace created especially for the event by River City Jewelers.  How lucky is that?

The television broadcast had a slightly different look and feel to it this year.  Even Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke and Jerry Lewis behaved themselves.  

New host Hugh Jackman was a good as everyone expected he would be.  He and I have a lot in common:

He starred in X-men.  I saw X-men.

He’s been voted Sexiest Man Alive.  I’m "alive."

He’s a charming, talented entertainer, as comfortable in front of the camera as he is on stage.  OK, the similaries end there.

Anne Zimmer’s Red Carpet Celebration committee worked for months putting it all together.  Thanks, everybody. 


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  1. Anita Larson

    My husband and I had a wonderful time! It was fun having something to look forward to during this cold winter. Let’s do it again next year!

  2. Anita Larson

    We will make sure to round up as many people as we can get! It was fun to get such star treatment! We are actually going to be in Hollywood in a couple of weeks…but after this event…it will be a bore!

    I would also like to add that the food was excellent and a big thanks to all who put the event together!

    I was a little disappointed though, I did not get a picture with the star of the show!

  3. Terry Dullum

    Anita… I’m looking forward to Oscar night next year, too. Have a great time in Hollywood. You should try to eat at Musso & Frank’s.

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