James’ Guitar


A funny thing happened to James Otto on his way to Grand Forks, or rather, to his guitar.   It fell off a stand on stage Saturday night in Florida–breaking off the top of the guitar.  No ordinary guitar, either, it wasn’t so funny.  He had had it for years and wrote hundreds of songs with it including his mega country hit "Just Got Started Lovin’ You." 

Scheduled to do a tune for us on WDAZ News @5 today, James’ manager Cory called this morning from a tour bus somewhere to say James’ new Gibson guitar would not make it to Grand Forks until late tonight.  Could we find a lender?

James plays a Gibson J-200.   I was told on good authority there are no Gibson dealers in North Dakota.  Kenny of Kenny’s Music came to the rescue with an excellent second choice, a Taylor "Jumbo."  Told not to drop it, I couldn’t help ask how much it’s worth.  The answer:  four thousand bucks!  (I didn’t drop it.)  Anyway, thanks to Kenny’s, one of the best music stores anywhere (and the closest to WDAZ).

In the end, everything turned out fine.  James did a flat out wonderful acoustic version of "Just Got Started" for us.  The Taylor is back at Kenny’s and all is (somewhat) right with the world.  

James is nominated for two Grammys next month. He and his new Gibson will both be at the Alerus Center tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 7:30.