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The Wrecking Crew

Thanks to long-time buddy Glen Pedersen for hooking me up with a couple of interesting links about the Wrecking Crew. The Wrecking Crew was a group of Los Angeles’ very top studio musicians in the late 50’s and 60’s.  They … Continue reading

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The Wrecking Crew

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I Resolve…

In a rare contemplative mood, but still of relatively sound mind, as 2008 is ending, I’m doing something I haven’t done in years–at least not seriously.  Corny as it may be, I’m putting together a list of New Year’s resolutions.  … Continue reading


Jack Hanna

  Good news:  Jack Hanna and some of his wild friends are going to be talking with us on WDAZ News @5 Wednesday, December 31, New Year’s Eve day. Jack is one of the best known and best liked animal … Continue reading

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Naughty or Nice

Hope you’ve been at least a little naughty this year.  Naughty boys and girls are much more interesting than nice ones.  If it weren’t for naughty boys and girls, after all, my colleagues and I in the news business would … Continue reading


Picturing the Presidents

Congratulations to Jessica Herrera of Crystal, North Dakota, and Conrad Symington of Neche, North Dakota.  They are runners-up in Scholastic Book Clubs’ "Picture a President" contest.  Both are eleven.  Jessica drew Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Conrad did a line drawing of … Continue reading

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The Shriners

Spent the weekend hunkered down at an undisclosed location in Fargo, riding out the storm/blizzard/winter weather.  Yes, now I know how Cheney feels. Let’s just say some motels are better than others. I was in Fargo to speak to the … Continue reading


Holidays on Ice

I’m spending part of the blizzard (I refuse to refer to them by anybody’s name–please, Herald editors, stop it!) reading David Sedaris’ wildly funny Holidays on Ice, a birthday gift from news director extraordinaire Cassie Walder.   The dozen twisted Christmas … Continue reading

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Frost, Nixon & Bradlee

With the new movie "Frost/Nixon" opening Christmas Day, I’ve been thinking about … that odd time more than usual lately.  Particularly about Ben Bradlee, the then publisher of the Washington Post which had been both roundly praired and criticized for … Continue reading

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Floriculture Class

Holidays Begin Early for Commercial Floriculture Class at the U of M, Crookston; Poinsettias Reach Peak Crookston, Minn. (December 13, 2008) – In late August they arrive, hundreds of rooted poinsettia cuttings in anticipation of another holiday season. For seven … Continue reading

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