Neil Diamond, In Review

Ok, the show’s over.  We want to know what YOU thought of last night’s Neil Diamond concert.  Shorter or longer, give us your review here.

8 Responses

  1. Terry Dullum

    I thought it was awesome! I hadn’t heard some of those songs in years and it was like seeing old friends again.

  2. Dakota

    He is an amazing performer with an awesome band. The music was fantastic. His new music is beautiful as are his older songs. What Neil Diamond songs does everyone like?

  3. Terry Dullum

    I saw Neil Diamond in Grand Forks at the fieldhouse in February 1970 when I was still a student. It’s interesting to see how he has grown as a performer. The show Saturday night was great. The focus wasn’t on smoke and stage effects but on the music, the musicians and the singers. I like that.

  4. Terry Dullum

    A girlfriend more or less dragged me to the concert but I loved it. Now I guess, I’m a fan. I also enjoyed your interview with him.

  5. Terry Dullum

    It was really really good but he didn’t sing one my favorite ND songs Song Sung Blue. Guess there isn’t time for all of them. Now we need more big concerts at the Alerus.

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