September Morn

We got well over a hundred e-mails in the past couple of days in our "Questions for Neil Diamond" contest.  Mary Haslerud Opp didn’t have a question, but she e-mailed us anyway with a great story we’re reprinting below–without permission I might add.  Enjoy the show tonight, gang:


Terry, I don’t have a question for Neil Diamond, but I have something I’d like to tell him. About 12 years ago Neil Diamond gave a concert at the Fargo Dome. My girlfriend, Monica Musich, and I, Mary Haslerud Opp, were both pregnant and we went to the concert with our husbands and we could feel our daughters move!!!! So now, when our daughters are 12 years old, mothers and daughters, Monica and Megan and Mary and Hannah are going to be at the Neil Diamond concert again. Now they can put a face to the concert we’ve been telling them about for 12 years!!!!!

Thanks for your time and have a great day!!

Mary Haslerud Opp


Just a PS, Both girls, Hannah Opp and Megan Musich, were born in September, which seems rather fitting since Neil Diamond sings September Morn!!!!

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