10 Worst Holiday Albums

The "list" season is almost upon us.  You know, the best/worst lists that always end the year for us.  We begin with The Chicago Tribune‘s list of the 10 worst Christmas albums including work by Twisted Sister, Elmo & Patsy, Michael Bolton and others.  It makes for enjoyable reading. The cover art for "Christmas on…
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Black Friday

After a very Norman Rockwell-like, gravy-covered Thanksgiving, I had hoped to spend today hitting the gym and putting up Christmas lights.  But, no.   A family member (who shall remain nameless) suggested AM shopping.  After all, this is Black Friday. For the life of me I can never remember why Black Friday is called Black…
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Nashville Star

It was fun chatting with Alyson Gilbert on News @5 yesterday.  She is talented, smart and REAL PURDY! All us boys in the building thought so, at least.  You can see for yourself when she appears at the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks tonight at 7:30. Alyson was a finalist on NBC’s Nashville Star…
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Where Are The New Leaders Coming From?

  Brandon Jacobson, Erika Tisdale and Chelsee Moe paid a visit to us at WDAZ as part of a student leadership conference in Grand Forks today organized by Laura Gorder of Grafton High School.  Students toured Grand Forks businesses and attended mini-sessions at the Alerus Center.  (Cool shades, Chelsee.)

Busy Day For Joe The Plumber

The following news release from Roto-Rooter (insert your own joke here): (November 24, 2008)–Cincinnati, OH – The Thanksgiving weekend is anything but a holiday for plumbing and drain cleaning professionals who often sacrifice family time for a bigger paycheck. Thanksgiving feasts are responsible for so many kitchen sink and sewer clogs that the day after…
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