Nate The Transmitter Guy

Each Halloween for–I don’t know how long–Nate the Transmitter Guy has been bringing in one of his unique Jack-O-Lanterns to decorate our news set for the holiday.  Everyone agrees this year’s offering is the most spectacular yet, very Tim Burton-ish with 52 teeth, no less. (The Jack-O-Lantern, not Nate.) It is certainly the biggest one…
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Cass County Farm Bureau

Had a great time speaking to about four hundred of my new best friends, members of the Cass County Farm Burea at their annual meeting in Fargo. 

Job At The White House

Grand Forks, ND – Mayor Michael R. Brown and the City of Grand Forks extend congratulations to Grand Forks resident, Job Christenson for his recent performance at the White House. Christenson was invited to perform for Theodore Roosevelt’s 150th Birthday celebration hosted by President and Mrs. Bush on Monday, October 27, 2008. To see the…
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The Joker

So, The Joker (Heath Ledger’s version) is almost certainly  the most popular character for adults this Halloween.  Thanks to the Red River High School Theatre Department for turning me into The Joker briefly today, especially Jackie the Makeup Artist and Jordan the Dresser.  It was a hoot!  You can see the results of their work…
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The Cub Scouts & Me

 It all started about a week ago when I opened my door.  A Cub Scout gave me the pitch about the popcorn he was selling to raise money for the Scouts.  He and his younger brother were too cute to say no to.  Also, I do love popcorn.  During our conversation and my subsequent check-writing,…
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