Pierce Brosnan Sings?

Pierce Brosnan cannot sing. I know this because I was dragged–not exactly kicking and screaming, but close–to "Mamma Mia!" Friday night by my current wife. For me, "The Dark Knight" will have to wait.

Brosnan "sings" only two numbers alone. Actually, one is a duet with Meryl Streep, who can sing and very, very well. What can’t she do well?

Brosnan is many things in "Mama Mia!" He is handsome, charming, funny, well-preserved. Maybe, I’m just jealous. But his singing makes me long for the days when professional singers dubbed songs for actors would couldn’t pull them off on their own. I’ve read reports of audiences bursting into laughter when Brosnan’s numbers are on the screen.

Brosnan’s singing doesn’t ruin the movie. Let’s just say it isn’t the film’s strongest suit. The casting may be. Christine Baranski and Julie Walters are terrific as Streep’s backup singers and friends.

ABBA music is still what it is. (I’ll never get those damn songs out of my head.) The Greek Islands are still beautiful.

Back to Mr. Brosnan’s singing. He joins a long list of male actors who can’t, cast in movie musicals, which, for me, began with Rex Harrison in "My Fair Lady. (I’m old.) At least Mr. Harrison originated the role on Broadway and, I guess, London earlier. Like Brosnan, Mr. Harris charmed his way through it. Unlike Brosnan, who seems to kind of try, Harrison sort of sang/talked his musical numbers.

That was followed a few years later by Richard Harris in "Camelot." Enough said.

Really the joke is on us. Take the money, Mr. Brosnan. Up next for you, the movie version of "Spamalot." Why not?

Speaking of jokes, once again, audiences who walk out on the closing credits of a movie are missing out on one of the funniest scenes in "Mamma Mia!" What they don’t see is an "encore" by the cast in 70’s drag. It’s worth the admission alone.

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  1. greenglass4

    Terry, why so many negative thoughts ? I have always liked Pierce B since he was “James Bond”. I was once told by a friend in Atlanta, Georgia that I looked like Pierce B. So then I was a bigger fan of his. So no negative comments about Pierce or me ! Haven’t seen movie yet, put now planon going soon. Loved the Greek Islands when I was there, for several months. Crete, Santorini, Athens, etc. Loved Zorba the Greek movie and soundtrack. greenglass4

  2. shrinerbear

    Terry I agree with you an the no singing thing. Iactually took my wife there on a date since she was working hard aand other things. Personally I could have watched Wall-E but i knew she’s been watching this. I guess I just kept in mind that the beauty and beautiful singing of the ladies on the movie made up for it. Just think of it this way if it made the person who you went with smile then it was worth the while because you made a person smile. I still and will always know he can.t sing. SHEESh!

  3. No one special

    Speaking of singing—

    I can’t believe you haven’t mentioned the passing of GI Jo: Jo Stafford, Mr. Dullum.

    She was wonderful!

  4. Terry Dullum

    No one…. You’re right. Jo Stafford was right up there with Frank and Peggy and the others in the early days of Capitol Records.

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