Remembering Gov. Lynn Frazier

From Joyce Kingbury of Hoople, ND:

Last year Jerry
Olson and Lowell Hurtt were doing some clean-up in the Hoople City Cemetery when
they noticed the gravesite of
former Gov. Lynn Frazier was in need of repair. They contacted family
members and with their
co-operation, made
necessary repairs.

They began to wonder
if many knew there was a former Gov. from Hoople, and thought there should be a
plaque stating his
accomplishments and give recognition to his service. Again family was
involved and the ball started rolling resulting in
this event where about forty relatives(all out of state) will be

There will be a noon lunch in the park for
family and honored guests Friday, September 5, and the Dedication program at 2 p.m. in the cemetery,
adjacent to the park.

We are inviting
Governor Hoeven and former governors. There will be a tour to the Frazier
farm home site and land east of

The family will be
guests at the UND football game on Sat. Sept. 6 where Lynn Frazier was captain
of the football team while attending

We seem to stir
interest from everyone we involve. I think it’s significant that during
his term, the Bank of North Dakota, the State Mill and
Elevator, and the Industrial Commission were formed.

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  1. remrafdn

    In the 40s my uncle had a chamber pot with a North Dakota politician’s picture on the bottom. I think it was Frazier’s picture, but I wouldn’t bet the farm.

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