USS North Dakota

From North Dakota’s Congressional Delegation:

BISMARCK, N.D.  Members of the USS
North Dakota Committee announced Monday that the Secretary of the Navy has
agreed to name a new nuclear submarine after North Dakota.

Senators Byron
Dorgan and Kent Conrad, Congressman Earl Pomeroy and Governor John Hoeven said
the Navys decision means that, for the first time since 1923, a USS
North Dakota will soon be part of the nations fleet. The ship is
scheduled to be commissioned in 2013 and is currently under construction in Newport News, Va.

This is
great news for North Dakota.
Secretary Winter put a lot of thought into this decision, and its a
testament to the respect he has for our state that he decided the next
Virginia-class submarine would be the USS North Dakota, Senator Dorgan
said. North Dakota
may be landlocked, but our state has contributed a great deal to the U.S. Navy.
This ship will be a fitting tribute that should be a source of pride for all of
our veterans.

This is
a proud day for all North Dakotans,
Senator Conrad said. "Throughout our nation’s history, North Dakota has enjoyed a well-earned
reputation for producing some of our nation’s bravest servicemen and women. The
U.S.S North Dakota is a lasting and well-deserved tribute to all of our state’s
veterans, as well as those serving in uniform today."

North Dakota may not have a sea coast, but that
hasnt stopped North Dakotans from
proudly serving in the U.S. Navy. Having a submarine bear our
states name will be a fitting tribute to all North Dakotans who serve in
the U.S.
military, Congressman Pomeroy said. I commend Senator
Dorgan for leading the charge to again have a USS North Dakota sail the high

hasnt been a ship named after the State of North Dakota in 85
years, Hoeven said. Thats why together we put on a full
court press to get the Navy to name a submarine after our state, and we were
successful. I think the more than 1,000 pictures colored by our young
people which we presented to Donald Winter, Secretary of the Navy, impressed
him with the grassroots effort our state made to name a submarine USS North

Chamber asked Senator Conrad, Congressman Pomeroy, Governor Hoeven, and a group
of prominent North Dakotans earlier this year to take part in the effort to
convince the Navy Secretary to designate a new USS North Dakota. The result was
the formation of the USS North Dakota Committee. Dorgan asked former Secretary
of State Warren Christopher, a native of Scranton,
N.D., to act as honorary chair of
the committee.

Dorgan and Conrad, Congressman Pomeroy and Governor Hoeven led a delegation
last month in a meeting with Navy Secretary Donald Winter at the Pentagon. The
group outlined a plan for how North
Dakota will support the ship and its crew. They said
that after so many decades, the time is right for the Navy to name a new ship
after North Dakota.

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