Save The Date

The date to save is Sunday, February 22, 2009. Don’t get married that day. Don’t go on vacation.  Don’t do anything. (You can go to church in the morning.) Can’t tell you anything further right now, but we promise it will be the 1st annual Really Big Deal.  Huge reveal to follow.

Weekend Reading

My weekend reading (done in between weed-pulling sessions) includes a new book by Theodore Hamm called The New Blue Media about the rise of the Onion, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Michael Moore and others and how they are affecting politics. Fargo’s Ed Schultz is given some credit in it for attracting a national progressive radio…
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Kim’s Shrimp

One more time, thanks to Chef Kim Kringlie for showing us how New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp is done. Kim did a live cooking segment with us from the kitchen of the Bronze Boot in Grand Forks on News @5 Friday. Thanks, by the way, to the Boot crew for putting up with us. Kim brought…
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Pierce Brosnan Sings?

Pierce Brosnan cannot sing. I know this because I was dragged–not exactly kicking and screaming, but close–to "Mamma Mia!" Friday night by my current wife. For me, "The Dark Knight" will have to wait. Brosnan "sings" only two numbers alone. Actually, one is a duet with Meryl Streep, who can sing and very, very well.…
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Remembering Gov. Lynn Frazier

From Joyce Kingbury of Hoople, ND: Last year Jerry Olson and Lowell Hurtt were doing some clean-up in the Hoople City Cemetery when they noticed the gravesite of former Gov. Lynn Frazier was in need of repair. They contacted family members and with their co-operation, made necessary repairs. They began to wonder if many knew…
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