Solstice Special

Ginny and I celebrated the Summer Solstice in style this year with a train ride from Grand Forks to Crookston and back last night. Impossible, you say? Normally, yes.

We were invited to ride along on the 2008 BNSF Railway Special. Each year since 1997 the Special has been touring a different section of the country providing BNSF employees with a memorable, three-hour train ride experience. This year’s tour began June 2 in Creston, Iowa. It will end next week in Aberdeen, South Dakota. At each stop, employees, family members and guests are treated to special three-hour train rides. Something like 10,000 guests are expected on this year.

The train is beautiful with 13 vintage, newly refurbished rail cars. And, it just happened to be one of those incredibly beautiful summer nights. What is it about riding a train? Thanks, BNSF, for the lift. We enjoyed every minute of it.

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  1. A.N.

    I think that with the high price of gasoline and the airline industry being what it is, passenger trains in this country might end up being the big winner after all.

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