Summer ’08

A few (very) random notes on summer ’08, so far:

*For the first time in 115 years, there will be no carnival rides at the Pembina County Fair at Hamilton, North Dakota. So reports USA Today this week. The reason is the high cost of transportation. Gas prices, that is to say. It’s affecting small carnival companies all around the country.

*When I grow up I want to be just like the late, great Tim Russert. He was simply the best.

*Favorite local boat name seen so far this summer: "For Play."

*Note to contractor: You can pour the cement for our patio now. It will
be seven weeks on Friday (6/20) since you framed it in.

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  1. greenglass4

    Hi Terry, the article states Neil Fleming had 55 years of experience as fair manager, correction : he has 55 years working with fair and as a child showing exhibits. This was clarified on KFGO radio today, an interview with Neil Fleming at 11:30 am, I seen the article too, and called KFGO and they did the interview. Fleming is a high powered attorney out of Cavalier, whom I had contact with when I worked in Grafton, for Walsh County Social Services. He ruled the courtroom, when he represented clients against the state and county. Also in the article high fuel costs, insurance, and long hours have cut carnivals. 150 million carnival goers a year in USA, 345 carnivals now, down from 400 10 tears ago.County fairs started in 1800’s to promote agriculture. Pembina County Fair has buggy races, and other horse races for 3 days in July. But only plastic inflatable games this year. the rest of the story. greenglass4.

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