Laryngitis Live!

Nothing mixes with live television quite like a good/bad case of laryngitis.  What fun we’ve had this week doing just that.

After the worst chest cold I’ve had in years, now comes the worst case of laryngitis I’ve had in years.   And yet, the old North Dakota/Norwegian/male/Dullum work ethic kicks in and I decided to do News @5 Monday.  That wasn’t much fun, so I took Tuesday and Wednesday off.  Then, tried it again today.   It turned out to be the worst yet, of course.  Tomorrow, we’ll see. 

To those of who stayed with us @5, thank you.  Also, I’m sorry!

I’m accepting any and all home remedy suggestions.  The only one that has ever even remotely worked for me is hot tea with honey and lemon.  It seems to work.  Just not this time. 

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  1. buffalogal

    I had bad laryngitis for a whole week while I attended college (back when the dinosaurs were still roaming) but I had to totally rest my voice (no talking at all or singing, which was what did me in …singing 6 hours a day at Christmas time choir practice) I breathed in steam and rested my voice for an entire week and it came back better than ever. You might have to go this route if it hangs on.

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