Any Place, KVLY, Any Time

For your viewing pleasure, may we present this video of a television news van drag race in El Paso, Texas, this week. Keep in mind the vans are each worth about a half million dollars. If drag racing news vans isn’t dumb enough, SHOOTING VIDEO of the race is!

After seeing the footage on a couple of different cable news channels yesterday, I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamt I was driving our station’s live news van (which I never do) and I forgot to lower the antenna mast (which I never would) after covering a county fair. In the dream, the mast came in contact with some overhead power lines. Somehow I avoided being electrocuted (which I also never would). I drove to nearest town, Langdon, I think, where the van was burning up by now. I tried calling the station manager on my cell phone, but it didn’t work. Analysis, anyone?

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  1. vcsuvike

    Apparently Terry you’ve been up to Langdon and know your cell phone probably wouldn’t work anyway.

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