The Ventures

Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees*
Class of 2008

*Along with the Dave Clark Five, Madonna, Leonard Cohen, John Mellencamp, Gamble & Huff and Little Walter

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  1. greenglass4

    The Ventures were the best. Remember them playing at the Maple Lake Pavillion in the 60’s. greenglass4

  2. Anon

    Do you dudes remember who else was on the bill that night? I know a lot of the shows back then were packages with several acts.

    I can almost hear Duane Sanden’s radio spot now….
    “Run don’t walk to The Maple Lake Pavillion…..”

  3. Terry Dullum

    Anon… Yes, It was the 60’s, but it was the early 60’s. North Dakota native Bobby Vee recorded a pretty good album with his Liberty Records “label mates” called “Bobby Vee Meets the Ventures.” I still have it on vinyl somewhere.

  4. greenglass4

    Good news ! Would like to hear/copy the music with Bobby Vee and The Ventures. Bobby Vee came to our cabin on Maple Lake after the dance, my cousin was a”guard” for Bobby Vee. I am sure many remember the parties in the buses and lake cabins. Peggy March would not come out of the bus, she was somewhat terrified of all the guys drinking beer ! Every Sunday night was a blast !greenglass4.

  5. wanderer

    Ahh, the Ventures. Not the original instrumental band, but probably the most recognized. I bought alot of their stuff on LP’s, 8tracks, 45’s, and cassettes. Sold it all.
    Paul Johnson of “The Belairs”, claims to be the originator of the instrumental “surf” music of the very early 60’s, with their hit, “Mr. Moto”.
    Find their history at
    What ever happened to instrumental rock? Alot of bands used to cut at least one instrumental song. Don’t hear it much anymore. I still have an old 45 of “Groovy Grubworm”, by Harlow Wilcox and the Oakies.
    Instrumentals were alot of fun, and I miss them.

  6. Terry Dullum

    wanderer… You’re right. Many early “vocal” bands would include an instrument on an album. It was for “filler,” I suppose. On their latest CD, Jukebox, which is a a recreation of the tunes they heard on radio stations like CKY in Winnipeg, Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings include an instrumental, for old time sake, I guess.

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