Linda Walker & Drew Wrigley

We’re looking forward to having Linda Walker and Drew Wrigley with us on WDAZ News @5 this evening. Linda is the mother of Dru Sjodin, of course. Mr. Wrigley is U.S. States Attorney for North Dakota who successfully prosecuted the Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr. case. The two of the are speaking this afternoon on the topic…
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Richard Widmark

Actor Richard Widmark has died. He specialized in playing gangsters, cops and Western gunslingers. Ironically, he once said he hated guns. He was 93.

Paul Scofield

Sad to learn this week of the death of actor Paul Scofield. He was 86. He had a wonderful face to go along with an unbelievable voice. According to his obit, he was one of an extremely rare breed, an actor seemingly without an ego. He won an Oscar for "Man For All Seasons," but…
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Any Place, KVLY, Any Time

For your viewing pleasure, may we present this video of a television news van drag race in El Paso, Texas, this week. Keep in mind the vans are each worth about a half million dollars. If drag racing news vans isn’t dumb enough, SHOOTING VIDEO of the race is! After seeing the footage on a…
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Pray For Rosemary’s Baby

Now comes word that Paramount Pictures is about to remake what is, for my money, the scariest movie of all time Rosemary’s Baby. Heaven help us all. I saw it when it was first released in the sixties and I didn’t sleep for a week. Part of the original advertising campaign were buttons given out…
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