Hallock, Part Deux

What I saw on my trip to Hallock and the Kittson County Crop Improvement Day yesterday:
* A big moose not two hundred feet from the Interstate
* Some huge birds I wasn’t fast enough or smart enough to identify without driving into the ditch
* A highway billboard advertising the Drayton Cenex Convenience Store reading "Helpful! Like Those Nice Hotdish Ladies at Church"
* A beautiful, blazing yellow North Dakota/Minnesota sunset
* Some of the nicer people I’ve met in days

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  1. Anon

    Hallock is the hometown of fantastic comedian Alex Cole and his brother, “The Common” Man of KFAN radio. I think of it as the Hillsboro of the North.

  2. Terry Dullum

    I’ve met Alex Cole. He’s been a guest on News @5. He fits into the “nice” category. I’ve also seen his act and he is a terrific comedian. I didn’t know his brother is “The Common Man.” I thought I knew everything.

  3. Norm

    The brothers grew up in Coon Rapids and attended Coon Rapids High School.
    Alex Cole, a 1973 graduate of Coon Rapids High School, was class president and homecoming king in the same year. He attended Adams and LO Jacob elementary schools and Coon Rapids Junior High School.

  4. BisonPupe

    It’s really sad that someone had to come onto this here blog and tell lies and crap like that. That really makes me mad. What can be done about people lying on the internet. Whatever.

  5. Norm

    Buffaloboy: The post above yours came directly from the ‘net. Google Alex’s name and find out for yourself before throwing stones, please.

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Hallock, Part Deux