Hope everyone in the Hallock, Minnesota area will join us this Thursday (January 24) for the Kittson County Crop Improvement Day.

I’ll be speaking on "Applying 2007 On-Farm and State Variety Trials to Your 2008 Variety Selection and Management Decisions" and reporting on "Fungicide Trial Results & Use Recommendations for Both New and Traditional Fungicides." Actually, I have some really good Ole & Lena jokes.

I’ll be joining a full day’s worth of speakers. I think you’ll find they saved the best for last–and then tacked on me at the end. I hope to provide a kind of cushion between the really important agriculture information to be presented, and Happy Hour.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the trouble starts at 8:45 Thursday morning at the Hallock City Hall.

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  1. Anon

    Terry, why not sprinkle some original material into your live appearances? I agree, Ole and Lena are timeless crowd pleasers, and knowing your audience is step 1 to assure a successful performance. But, hey, jump in and give it a go! You may discover you have a writing talent and the rewards will much greater when you succeed.

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