Mission Meals

From Northlands Rescue Mission:

Grand Forks, N.D.–Chef Mike
Wood and souse chefs Bruce Meiser, Matt Steward and Ian Flaherty, along with
Woods 10-year-old daughter Kali (a chef in training!), will prepare and
serve the evening meal at Northlands Rescue Mission, Tuesday, December 18, beginning
at 3:00 oclock.

"This is just the beginning!" said
themission’s volunteer coordinator, Deb Stinar. "They plan to do
this each week throughout the year."

The volunteers, all of whom work at Blue Moose
Restaurant will come in full chef attire, Stinar said. They had
volunteered before and really enjoyed it! Now, they want to do it on a regular

One chef comes the day before they are to
prepare the meal to see what is available in the Missions pantry. Then
the group bases their menu on what he finds. They say its fun
and that they enjoy cooking for the needy, Stinar said. We just
appreciate the delicious food that results!

Blue Moose Bar and Grill Restaurant has a long
history of providing mentoring and employment for homeless guests at Northlands
Rescue Mission. Their support and volunteer assistance is what this
community is all about, Stinar said.

Northlands Rescue
Mission serves the hungry, homeless and addicted in 21 counties. In 2007, the
Mission provided 72,000 meals and 27,000 nights of safe shelter.

2 Responses

  1. greenglass4

    Great program for Blue Moose Bar and Grill, so sad and too bad “Sander’s 1907” doesn’t do the same. Come on Kim Holmes and step up to the plate. greenglass4

  2. walker

    That’s a wonderful contribution they are making to the Mission.
    I presume that you mean sous-chefs and not souse chefs [which brings to mind soused chefs! 🙂 ]

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