In The Swing Of Christmas

Ginny is a Barry Manilow fan. It rubs off.

I know, I know. Uncool as it’s supposed to be, I’ve liked Barry Manilow ever since 1984 when he recorded 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe with jazz greats like Jerry Mulligan, Sarah Vaughan and Shelly Manne.

He is backed by a simple, but excellent jazz (piano, bass and drums) trio on Barry Manilow In The Swing of Christmas, making this album sound unlike any of his others, including his other holiday CDs. Say what you will about him, but Barry Manilow knows exactly what he’s doing.

It’s become a sort of trend to include a song on a Christmas CD not usually considered a holiday tune, but in context becomes one. Barry Manilow In The Swing of Christmas has two. "Count Your Blessings" is a song I hadn’t heard in years. Then there’s a beautiful song with the great title, "Violets For Your Furs," based on an arrangement by Nelson Riddle, for my money the best arranger of all time.

With In The Swing of Christmas Barry Manilow joins the ranks of Tony Bennett and Michael McDonald in recording a holiday collection for Hallmark. 

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  1. Charlie

    Not surprising, seeing you feature Manilow’s latest album in here. :o)

    I’m still adjusting to the jazz trio, but I agree with you on “Violets for Your Furs,” a song done by Sinatra and Billie Holiday (to name two) but long since forgotten by myself; I think that’s my favorite track on this album.

    Holiday greetings to you, Mr. Dullum; thanks for keeping up an entertaining blog.

    Stay warm.

  2. Mr. Ed

    I heard that Barry Manilow cancelled a visit on the tv show “The View” because he didn’t want to be on stage with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who is the only conservative on the panel. I think that is sad and lame that he would do that. Terry I think you are great and quite funny sometimes, but your choice of music here is questionable. ha:)

  3. Terry Dullum

    Mr. Ed…Thanks for your comment. I like the part where you say “I think you are great and quite funny.”

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