We made a quick trip to Bismarck this weekend to speak to the North Dakota Farm Bureau state convention.  I like the way NDFB people do things. They put together a huge farm equipment show for the convention in middle of the Ramkota Hotel parking lot (which is in the middle of the city). Nothing screams ag convention like farm implements.

Bismarck has a Famous Dave’s. So does Fargo. I want one (in Grand Forks), too.

I can’t believe it’s been more than thirty years since I worked in television news in Bismarck. One of my first assignments as a reporter was to cover Art Link’s first news conference as governor at the state capitol. Now, four governors later, there’s more of everything in Bismarck. More homes, more businesses, more restaurants, more everything.

Thanks to the Farm Bureau for the invitation to speak to the convention. And thanks to buddy Bob "Mister Big Time Comedy" Zany for writing the following joke for me to use at it. "Years ago, I used to date a girl who was a Farm Bureau member. But it didn’t work out. She wrote me a John Deere letter."  They liked it a lot, Bob.

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  1. vcsuvike

    You’re right Terry, Bismarck has become a real city in the past five years. There are restaurants there I wish Grand Forks had. Although I do think GF has a more diversified economy than Bismarck.

  2. Dakota Lifestyle: Beyond the Weather

    We’ve been in the Bismarck area for about six years now and can hardly believe how much it’s grown. The addition of Pinehurst Square really blew me away.

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