A Charlie Brown Christmas

One of the most interesting sections of the new Charles Schulz biography Schultz and Peanuts by David Michaels is the reaction by network executives after screening the animated television feature A Charlie Brown Christmas for the first time a few months before it aired originally on December 9, 1965. "Too slow," said the first, "and…
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Alerus Center Walking

From Tami Pearson, Alerus Center Marketing Manager: Walking at the Alerus Center After concluding the trial walking program during the month of November, staff at the Alerus Center have re-evaluated this program and are pleased to announce an extension of the walking program for December as well. Effective immediately, walking will now take place from…
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Hearts Of Darkness

In The Swing Of Christmas

Ginny is a Barry Manilow fan. It rubs off. I know, I know. Uncool as it’s supposed to be, I’ve liked Barry Manilow ever since 1984 when he recorded 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe with jazz greats like Jerry Mulligan, Sarah Vaughan and Shelly Manne. He is backed by a simple, but excellent jazz (piano, bass…
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Writing During The Strike

What do television’s comedy writers do during the strike? They write (some very funny stuff)–for the web. Here’s one site created during the strike. Here’s another one. Here’s one by a writer who contributes to late night television. YouTube also has some very funny videos.