Playmakers Closing

The word this morning is that Playmakers nightclub in Fargo is closing. A news release indicates the club, sports bar and concert venue "will be shutting its doors for the last time as ‘Playmakers’ on Saturday, November 3rd." It also says "the future of the entertainment complex has yet to be determined."

Empty Bowl Project

From JoAnn Brundin of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul on this year’s Empty Bowl Project in Grand Forks: In 1990 a high school art teacher in Michigan helped his students solve a problem. They were searching for a way to raise funds to support a food drive. What evolved was a class project…
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Another Maestro Update

From Paul Boese, chair of the "Make Me A Maestro" Competition: The “Make Me a Maestro” race has heated up in the final days of voting. Terry Dullum of WDAZ is still leading with $1628. Ginny Bollman is still in striking distance with $1176. Ryan Bakken of the Grand Forks Herald has come to life…
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The Birds

Variety reports Universal Studios is working on a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film "The Birds." Naomi Watts will play the Janet Leigh part. I’m not sure why they’re doing this. The "Pyscho" remakes were less than stellar, to say the least.

Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman really seems to enjoy being Larry Hagman. Before paying us a visit on WDAZ News @5 yesterday he entertained much of the rest of the staff with 45 minutes or so worth of stories in the station conference room. Before leaving he handed us all autographed $10,000 bills (with JR’s picture on them).…
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